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Why invest in training for real estate agents?

Training the real estate agent is of great relevance for a real estate company, builder or developer, since this professional, when prepared, can bring good results in the number of contracts and deals that are closed on a daily basis.

A trained broker will feel more confident when serving customers, will have all the details of the products to be sold at the tip of the tongue and will know the best ways to approach consumers according to the profile of each one.

Nowadays customers are more demanding and more informed about the products they want. Thus, offering quality service is essential to obtain success in sales.

In addition, the training will offer a standard of service to the real estate agents involved, which will make them more credible and, thus, help the company to have a better image on public’s opinion.

Having a team of realtors prepared to serve is, therefore, a good way to increase the company's sales conversion and improve customer service.

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How to train a realtor?

Training a realtor and leaving him well prepared to serve clients is essential for anyone looking for good results. It is important that this professional knows well the products he offers, even the details, considering that nowadays consumers are more demanding.

To train a broker you must define the following items:

Defining the objectives

It is essential to define, before the training, what the objectives of this training are and where you want to go.

Motivate the team? Increase the sales? Present new products? Whatever it is, it is important to make everything very clear to everyone.

Define the format

Next, you need to determine what the training format will be. This step is important to define what will be the best way to train your professionals.

Nowadays the trainings considered traditional - with extremely theoretical contents - are increasingly in disuse, so the tip is to bet on more dynamic training, such as gamified training, which promotes more interaction between the participants, in addition to being more fun.

Define training logistics

Now you need to think about the following: how many real estate agents will be trained? Will it be a physical space or online? If it is the first option, where will it be and how big is the location?

Planning the training logistics well can be decisive for the success of the event. The realtor is usually demanding, so think a lot about how this training will be.

Define the training tools

As we well know, we live in a time when technology is on the rise and this should not be ignored in your training. So, bring it to your advantage and use modern tools for training.

The idea is to facilitate the professional's life, so invest in the use of cell phones, an item that today is indispensable for any citizen. Also, try to insert this technology not only in training, but also as a work tool for these professionals.

Define how the results will be evaluated

Finally, the training needs to be evaluated and measured, in order to identify the possible improvements and strengths of the training.

Think about the possible metrics or factors that can be analyzed in the evaluation, for example, the impact on the number of contracts closed after the event, new customers won or the effects on the consumer satisfaction rate, among others.

What does it take to be a good realtor?

Acting as a real estate agent is a great challenge, since this profession requires having knowledge of several techniques and also knowing how to put them into practice.

For those who are starting in this area and looking for success in brokerage, we offer 4 tips:

Invest in knowledge

Investing in courses that expand your knowledge never hurts. So, try to get a lot of training, be up to date with the innovations that this market has.

Take advantage of the training that your company may offer, participate in lectures, fairs and even webinars that, in many cases, are free. It is always good to hear from people who are already successful in the field.

Work your personal marketing

This is an essential strategy for any professional, regardless of the area in which he works. Work your image well so that it becomes a real estate sales strategy.

Find out how to present yourself to the customer, behave well and posture when serving them, communicate well and demonstrate security. This can be a determining factor in making a sale.

Know your customer's profile

Offering a good service is the first step towards a successful sale. For this, it is important to know your client's profile well, to know what he is looking for and what his concerns are.

This way, you will know how you can convince them to purchase your product and you will have good arguments to win over the consumer.

Keep your finances up to date

We know that this career does not always offer a fixed income. So, have good financial control so you don't run the risk of getting in trouble with your money.

It is essential to have a good financial reserve; in case you eventually have difficulties in making new sales. Being well prepared is important to avoid problems in the future.

What are the main types of training for the realtor?

The real estate sector is one of the most complex for those who work with sales. After all, it is not at all simple to sell an apartment or a house. To work in this career and achieve success, it is always good to train and update yourself.

But what are the main types of training for the realtor?

In addition to the mandatory course, Technician in Real Estate Transactions, which guarantees the CRECI (Certificate that allows you to act as a realtor) and the diploma, there are other courses that can add a lot of knowledge to this professional.

Sales Training

A broker is, in fact, a salesperson. Therefore, it is essential that he masters the sales techniques and knows how to approach the customers according to the profile of each one.

Nowadays a salesperson stands out when he has great interpersonal skills, so invest in customer service and marketing courses to win and retain customers. 

Postgraduate and MBA

For those who already have a diploma, investing in a specialization can upgrade the curriculum and make it more prominent in the job market.

There are several courses to choose from, such as Real Estate Market Management, for example. In addition to developing new activities and having more knowledge, a specialization can be a good exchange of experiences among students.

Lectures and workshops

These cases teach you to adopt important practices in the daily lives of professionals. In addition, the participant will be able to learn about successful cases, have new ideas and learn interesting techniques.

Another possibility is to watch lives and webinars through social networks or other digital platforms. Many of them are free and presented by experts in the field.

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