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What is gamified sales training?

Gamified sales training is a way to empower your sales team through games, that is, with the aid of games, whether analog and / or digital. It is a teaching method focused both on preparing professionals and on increasing their motivation.

The goal is to present participants with the best practices that involve the entire sales process, so that the team can learn to perform their activities quickly and effectively. This is an excellent method to increase sales conversion and employee motivation.

The purpose of gamified sales training is to adopt logic, rules and game design, with the aim of preparing professionals in a more playful, dynamic and fun way.

This training format is highly recommended nowadays for combining learning with fun, which generates greater engagement among participants, makes employees more motivated and helps retain the knowledge they will receive.

Speaking of which, studies show that gamified sales training participants, on average, remember 60% of all the information presented. In other words, this is a very efficient way of learning.

With the evolution of technology and the growth in the use of smartphones, gamified sales training has become even easier to use, with the ease of users being able to access at any time and place.

This training modality can be useful to meet three types of objectives:

  • Changing behaviors;
  • Developing skills;
  • Empowering innovation.


In this way, investing in this training format can bring great benefits to your team and, thus, your company can only gain.

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Why train a sales team?

Currently, we live in the so-called Consumer Era, that is, customers are more demanding and very well informed about the products and services they want. In this way, having a well-prepared team is essential to win and retain customers.

It is not enough to have a qualified team, salespeople need to adapt to new trends, the evolution of the market and the needs of each customer profile. In addition, even if they have worked in the area or in the company for a long time, the professional needs to update himself with some frequency so as not to be stuck with the methods of the past.
It is important to bring new ways of approach and sales techniques in training, which will make employees confident when it comes to serving their customers and achieving success.

Knowing the products and services that the company offers, understanding the best approaches, learning to use the tools used by the area, knowing how to treat the customer, among other subjects can also be well explained during a sales training.

This will raise the level of satisfaction of professionals in relation to the company, since they will receive important lessons for the development of their careers and will have the opportunity to grow in the profession.

Thus, training appears as ideal for those who want to have a well-trained, motivated and prepared team to serve consumers in the most appropriate way and, most importantly, that delivers better results.

Finally, a well-trained sales team will sell even more. With training your professionals will be able to develop skills and competences to generate more income for your company.

How to set up a sales training?

To offer an effective and assertive training, you need to establish well-defined and clear objectives, in addition to having a good plan so that the actions are accurate.

Therefore, you should answer the following questions before setting up training for your sales team:

What are the needs of the company and / or the team?

It is important to make a survey of the needs that the company and the team have, to define what will be the content to be presented in the sales training so that everyone understands what needs to be improved.

What will be the goal?

Based on the company needs, establish the main objectives to be achieved with sales training. It could be presenting a new product, training salespeople, inserting new rules or company goals among employees, among others. The important thing is that everyone knows where, when and how they want to get there.

What will be the format of this training?

Defining how the training will be is something to be well discussed. Some formats may not fit, depending on the profile of your team. Gamified trainings, for example, are on the rise today, as they combine learning with fun, which helps a lot to retain the knowledge acquired.

How and when will the results be measured?

Everyone expects the training to be a success, right? But knowing this goes far beyond seeing your employees satisfied. It is necessary to measure the results from this training. Defining in advance which indicators will be analyzed will make it easier for you and your team.

What are the main types of sales training?

There are different types of sales training, each with its different formats and methodologies. In this topic we will mention the most used by companies today:

Operational training

This training has as main objective to present to salespeople all the tools and processes used by the company and / or by the commercial area. Each company has a way of working, has its culture and its methods, so it is important to introduce them to new employees. During the training, the salesperson will be able to perform his duties in the most appropriate and best possible way.

Training on products and services

The purpose of this training is to make the professional know in depth the products and services that the company offers, so that the seller has more confidence when talking to customers. Nowadays it is essential that the seller knows everything about the products and services that the company sells, since today's consumers are usually well informed about what they are looking for. In addition, the sales professional will gain more arguments to persuade customers.

Approach training

Each client has a different profile and, to meet each of them, it is necessary to use a specific approach. And this is what this training is about. With an adequate service, which responds to the customer's profile and meets their expectations, it is easier to guarantee their loyalty and obtain new business with this consumer.

Motivational training

Sometimes we need to shake things up! Yes, even if your sales team is very good, sometimes it is necessary to motivate them so that they continue to do a good job. Through day-to-day dynamics and scenarios, this sales training seeks to integrate the team and increase its engagement with the company. For this, methods that affect the emotional aspects of the participants are used. Within these types of training there are also different modalities, whether in company, online or via gamification. Regardless of which one is chosen, it is essential that your company invest in training the team to obtain better results and increase sales conversions.

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