Sales team motivation

Motivate your employees and increase your sales

Why invest in sales team motivation?

The commercial area is one of the most demanded in the job market, since it is expected to bring great sales results and high performance of professionals. In this sense, motivating the team is essential for companies to achieve the expected goals.

Investing in team motivation brings greater productivity, improves the organizational climate and the engagement of professionals in terms of achieving success with the company.

In addition, each worker is a propagator of the corporation's image. If the company is a good place to work, it will most likely be disseminated to employees.

To motivate the sales team, it is important to invest in training, in the structure of the company, in the communication between the company and the salespeople and even in rewards for each goal achieved.

It is also interesting to give constant feedback, so that professionals know well what their mistakes and successes are. On the other hand, know how to listen to your employees and try to understand what they have to say.

With a motivated and engaged team, your company will achieve success faster.

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How to motivate a sales team?

The team's lack of motivation directly reflects on the company's results. After all, who works without will does not produce in the same way. Even the most experienced professionals need to be motivated to develop quality work.

For this, there are ways to exploit the potential of each salesperson to the fullest and create a more pleasant and conducive environment for the growth of this professional.

Check out 4 tips on how to motivate a sales team:

Invest in training

The professional who has the possibility to train even more is more motivated and prepared to develop their services on a daily basis. The feeling you have is “the company invests in me” is beneficial for both the professional and the company.

However, it is important to think about the format of this training, since the traditional ones are in disuse. Look for more dynamic skills, which combine learning with fun, such as gamified sales training, for example.

Offer good commissions

Everyone likes to make money, right? So, nothing better than using commissions as a resource to motivate the sales team. With that, the team will be more engaged in the search for better results.

And, of course, offer competitive commissions, equivalent to the market, so that it really serves as an incentive for professionals to produce more and better.

Establish periodic meetings with the team

It is essential to hold meetings with your commercial area to establish the objectives, give feedback on the work developed and know what the difficulties are for each one.

When the professional has the possibility to be heard, he feels more confident and prepared to develop his functions. In addition, this is a great time for leaders to speak up and exercise their influence with employees.

Offer freedom of work

Of course, every company has its rules and it is essential to comply with them with some rigor, but giving freedom for the professional to develop his self-management can bring him more confidence and motivation.

Allow each salesperson to have their own routine, always respecting predetermined times, such as meetings or training, for example.

Recognize the team's work

Everyone likes to be recognized for doing a good job. But that recognition can go beyond praise and applause.

The financial incentive is a great way to motivate the sales team, but there are other ways to recognize a good professional, such as diplomas, trophies and plaques.

It is still possible to use creativity: the company can offer a smartphone, a notebook, a trip, a dinner, among other gifts, that will certainly motivate your team as a prize.

Celebrate achievements

When all goals are hit, why not celebrate? Be it a cocktail, with some snacks and drinks, or even a party, with music and fun.

This is a way not only to motivate, but also to integrate and unite the company's workers, who will have a moment of relaxation and will be able to get to know each other better.

What are the best techniques for team motivation?

For team motivation you need to understand the desires and needs that the team has on a daily basis. Providing a safe, comfortable environment with adequate equipment can help, but that alone is not enough.

Therefore, we present some techniques for you to conquer the motivation of the team:

Show your interest and support

Show your team that you care about everyone's well-being and motivation.
Listen to what employees have to say and offer ways to help them with what they need.

Show everyone's role in the company

It is important that everyone knows what goals the company wants to achieve.
It is just as important that employees understand what their role is and feel their importance within the project.

Encourage employee ideas and suggestions

One way of motivating the team is to listen carefully to employees' ideas and suggestions.
Knowing that your ideas are taken into account is a great first step.

Integrate the teams

No "each one in the square": integrating different teams is very healthy and brings a feeling of unity and team motivation.
Hold meetings and encourage each area to present its ideas and day-to-day difficulties.

Offer benefits

In this case, you can establish partnerships with gyms, English schools, restaurants, etc.
Thus, your employees will be able to have good discounts and will be happier with the company.

Present clear goals

Clarity in the goals is essential for the team to achieve the desired results.
Everyone needs to understand these goals well if they are to develop effective and appropriate work.

Recognize your team's efficiency

Everyone likes to feel valued, so try to give praise in public, celebrate with them the results achieved and demonstrate your satisfaction with each other's work.

Give feedback

Regardless of whether it is positive or negative, every employee wants to have feedback on the services they provide.
This way you will know how you can improve or what you should keep doing.

Be a positive example

With these techniques you can achieve good results with regard to team motivation.
Remember: the more your employees are satisfied, the better results your company will have.

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