These are not just more fun trainings.

How about increasing your sales and preparing your team to better serve the customer? Sales people have no incentive to attend boring and inefficient traditional training. In the real estate market, just like in any other segment, the client has already researched a lot before talking to the realtor. He knows maybe even more than the broker. Check out how Play2sell can help by watching our users’ testimonials.

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Hire the game that turns training into a fun and engaging journey, and increases conversion rates leading to sales!

See why Play2sell GO is the preferred app for gamified training


Imagine you challenge your colleague for a Play2Sell match? Brag about it when you win, or ask for rematch when you lose. The dynamics got even more engaging!


Playing the same game over and over is lame! With Play2Sell the experience is unique every time you play. The game became even more addictive and engaging.


Every time you get an answer right you will learn something new. This is an advantage for you smart guys and girls, who will get tips for next moves.

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